What’s Next Jillian?

I suppose she’s actually really smart, or has hired someone who is really smart, since she now has a kettlebell training DVD on the market. Last I recall, her kettlebell training technique had a bit to be desired, at least as of last season.

This recent article in the LA Times has some humor that also makes a valid point. Does she really know what she’s doing or is she in it just for the money?

I even watched the season premiere of this year’s The Biggest Loser, and was completely beside myself as I saw one of the contestants pass out in an effort to secure a place on the show as one of Miss Michaels’ team members. Only to be followed with a preview of the next episode that shows Miss Michaels yelling at someone threatening to make them puke, or something of the like.

What are you thoughts on this, I’d like to hear?

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  1. I saw her swing technique last season also and she definitely doesn’t get it. It’s great to know that a bunch of people with little to no workout experience are going to go grab a ketttlebell and start swinging in their living room in bad form. Great contibution from the biggest sellout in the industry. She will be selling HCG next. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her selling meth. If you can’t tell, I’m not a big fan.

  2. I wish Jillian would either get off TV and out of the fitness industry or take the time to learn how to do the exercises and how to teach them.

    Right now she is a big name and a pretty face that a lot of people I know will do anything to be like. That even means working out to her DVDs, trying to follow her online diet and workout programs and spending a fortune on various things she has endorsed. It is a sad waste of time and money that has with one friend ended up with a back injury.

    I have taught some in the fitness, firearms, medical/health care, agriculture and various other fields and have yet to see someone be truly motivated by being yelled at and degraded in front of others. Yet, she teaches people to workout to that sort of abuse, and brain washes them into thinking they will ONLY be healthy and get in to better shape if someone is treating them in that manner.

    Luckily everything I have seen from her has a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo protecting her from any lawsuits or I think she would be facing a very large class action suit.

  3. I have some fairly strong opinions on Jillian Michaels and the whole Biggest Loser thing, so I will do my best to temper them a bit and not get too carried away… umm… but I can make no promises. ; )

    She clearly has some amount of knowledge, but the vast majority of what I’ve seen the few times I’ve watched the show is about pummeling people week after week for results that seem to be short-lived at best. I remember seeing a piece not too long about how so many of the past contestants gained back a lot (if not all or even more) of the weight they lost after being off the show… which is just not terribly surprising.

    It doesn’t take any amount of knowledge to make a training session hard. Anyone can do that. But to be effective? And effective in the long term? And something someone wants to stick with even if it is hard or challenging? THAT’S where it matters most and I’ve never seen a darn thing to suggest Jillian Michaels knows anything about that.

    I could be wrong… but I doubt it.

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