Vary Your Training Stimulus

Even the most intense workouts might allow your body to reach a plateau if you don’t have a watchful eye.

This week I’m in the LA area between two weekend long Kettlebell Athletics Kettlebell Certifications I do with Jason C. Brown. While I’m here I’m going to get to train with a few friends who I don’t see often, it’ll be cool to switch things up a little bit. I’m expecting a few differences when compared with my own workouts.

In fact, I’ve already hit a double workout my first day in Torrance. I was pretty excited about it, had a great hour long session training Muay Thai with my friend Megan and her instructor, took a two hour break then took an awesome BJJ class at Rigan Machado’s.

It’s not that I haven’t done these things before, it’s just I don’t typically do them in back to back sessions, let a lone in the same day. Yet, I feel great today! I’ve been working all morning so I’m off to the beach to do a kettlebell and TRX workout soon, no worries we’re gonna film it, and I’ll post it here for you.

Stay tuned…

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