Uh Oh Gwyneth

As it turns out Gwyneth Paltrow’s celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson might not really know what she’s talking about. Big surprise. Mark the record, although I’m sure it’s a given, I don’t agree with Ms Anderson’s training philosophies as is.

The stunning actress has reportedly been diagnosed with osteopenia, fortunately Gwyneth has some time it seems to turn the tables with this diagnosis before full blown osteoporosis sets in. I hope she does anyway.

A few months ago, I talked about the video clip that showed Paltrow and Anderson running through a typical workout session. I nearly fell off my chair when the Anderson boldly stated, that no woman should ever lift more than 3lbs. Maybe now she’ll change her mindset.

Tony Gentilcore has a great take on the recent events. Check out his post on Gwyneth’s unfortunate diagnosis. Despite strongly disagreeing with Ms. Anderson, I’m on the same side of this mountain as Tony.

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  1. I’ve been attending Hoboken Boot Camps training with Kettlebells for almost a year now. In that time I’ve worked my way up from 5 pounds to 40 pounds and looking to go beyond that.
    For me training with heavier weights makes me feel good. It’s helped with my self esteem, with my self confidence and my over all strength both mental and physical.
    So yes, heavier weights and strength and weight training get two huge thumbs up from me!!!

  2. I saw Gwyneth and her trainer on Oprah a year or so back. And it struck me as very odd. I remember one quote from the trainer stating that women should never lift weights over 5 lbs. I wanted to ask her how we would be strong and stay strong enough to carry and care for our children???

    And what confidence can really come from waving around minuscule weights for hours and hours upon end?? I remember on the show them talking about how they usually spent all day in her custom gym house.

    And she loved her custom gym house because it looked out over the pool and could keep an eye on her kids.

    Her time would of been better spent doing more effective and shorter workouts, and then having time to spend with her kids in the pool. In my honest opinion.

    My training has not been consistent, it’s hit and miss, but I am plodding on. I am seeing improvement slowly in my posture, my strength, and my confidence. I love lifting Kettlebells.

    Thanks Pamela!

  3. Ok. Just re-watched the clip.and the quote is “No woman should life more than 3 lbs, ever.” But Gwyneth at the time was also carrying her 30lb son. Really? Where’s the logic in that?

    And I find it funny that 80deg is considered to be hot. :)

  4. Lew Cottell says:

    I keep hoping that tiny weights work for women myth will disappear. If you want strong bones, you need to progressively stress them (i.e . increase your resistance), rest them, and feed them. Tiny wts make for tiny results.

  5. Diana, Do you train with David?? 40lbs…that is AWESOME! I love the benefits of weight training that you’ve experienced. I agree.

  6. Angela, great point. More effective, shorter workouts to spend more time with the kids by the pool. I’d pick that route as well.

    Yes, according to Tracy Anderson, “no woman should lift more than 3lbs…EVER.” There is no logic in it.

    Even more so, 80 degrees is not hot! Thanks Angela.

  7. Lew, it’s a battle. One of these days, we’ll smash that theory.

  8. Sad news about Gwyneth, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Tracy Anderson. What a woman is doing during her teenage years has much to do with osteo problems. Those years where alot of teenage girls are dieting and most are NOT interested in lifting weights at that age unless you are into athletics. Plus I’m sure Gwyneth had some other trainer before Anderson…maybe we should blame all the Italian food she loves to eat? Also remember Anderson trained Madonna and I haven’t heard about Madge having any bone problems. If all of Anderson’s clients suddenly develop osteopenia that’s another story in the meantime
    let’s not find one thing to blame for a problem even if it is fashionable.

  9. Keith Fine says:

    wow!! I’m a lil speechless here, 3lb weights.Come on you work up to more than that rehabbing people with injures,lol .Your purse weighs more than that!
    That’s almost as bad as the girl who said to me yesterday that her trainer said women shouldn’t squat

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