Tick…Tock…What Are You Waiting For?

When’s the last time you had a really good workout?

How many times have you put your workout off to do something else?

How often have you heard someone say (or maybe you’ve said it yourself) that they have to ‘get-in-shape’ before they can do a certain workout regimen?

Truth is, finding time to workout can be hard. You have a balancing act between; work, school, family, chores, a social life, and more.

But when are we, as a society going to stop making excuses due to a lack of time?

When are we going to admit to ourselves that instead of sleeping an extra hour three days a week you could hit the gym (or even a home workout)?

When are we going to admit to ourselves that instead of lounging in front of the TV after dinner every night for two hours before you lay down to go to sleep, you could get in a good workout, take the entire family for a walk or to the park?

Staying active, being active, and making a BIG deal out of working out is so important.

It teaches our children a lesson, to not be lazy, and to WANT to PLAY.

It increases our quality of life.

The old days of 2 hour workouts is the past, in fact it isn’t necessary, and can often show less results. Set aside 30 minutes, 3 times a day and get yourself to the gym. Wake up earlier just three days a week and do a workout at home. (If you need assistance with your workouts, I can help you with that with an online training program) Two other days of the week do something active, go for a walk, take a stroll with the kids, play a pick-up game of your favorite sport.

Get outside and breathe fresh air.

If you live in the city, walk instead of driving.

Your watch doesn’t need to stop ticking. And you shouldn’t want it to either.

Here’s your challenge to do this if you aren’t already. If you are, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK. If you know someone who should be doing this, pass this along…

Start implementing this today! Don’t wait for a new week to start, don’t wait for the weekend, start today!

Find an object that reminds you of needing to do 3 short workouts a week and 2 activity days. Carry it around with you.

A pocket watch might be a good idea.

Remind yourself daily you need to be doing this, then commit to it and do it. Set the time aside, put it in your calendar. Remember it’s only 2.5 hours a week, that’s less time than it takes you to 3 prime time crime scene shows, less than the length of a football game, less time than you probably spend commuting to work.

It’s a challenge, let me know how it goes.

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