The Up Side of Strong

Strength comes in many equations. It has a variety of connotations, meanings, and values.

The initial thought that comes to mind with strength is based around lifting weights and being physically strong. Someone who looks the part, has defined muscles and appears to be fit.

What about mental strength?

What about determination?

What about desire and will?

Without the other strengths we often overlook, I think physical strength stands to lose it’s chance in battle. And that’s coming from one strong chick. (Yes, I just referred to myself as a chick!)

There’s a balance our lives need where strengths and weaknesses feed on another, and in order to be our strongest, we need a variety of strengths to be whole.

It’s easy to use your strength training to increase your determination, desire and will, but it’s also important to grow these attributes in regard to other aspects of your life. Again, it’s about balance, and not everything can revolve around one component.

If you can deadlift 500lbs but can’t stand up for your own beliefs you lose a sense of pride about yourself.


If you can stand up for what you believe in and be passionate about something that’s important to you but only deadlift 250lbs, your strength isn’t even comparable. At least in my opinion.


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