The Girls Workout at the Underground

Whenever I can a take some short road trips to visit my friends and the training facilities they own and operate. It’s nice to have someone else put you through a workout. This time I took a few clients up to Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength Gym. It’s one of the first times that Erica and Katie have done workouts like these. Take a look…

Erica has two 24kg kettlebells for farmer’s walks, Katie has 5 plates on her sled, that’s 225lbs, I have 6 plates. Let me just say it’s a lot harder for me to drag that sled backwards!

Another fun day of lifting heavy stuff and releasing how strong I really am.

What type of heavy lifting or non conventional lifting do you like to do??

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  1. Hey Pam!
    I LOVE to lift heavy!
    Have the most awesome gym to train at just 20 minutes from home where I practice my powerlifts & get to play with all kinds specialty bars, chains bars & strongman equipment.
    Need more women to embrace their stronger side!

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