The Evolution of Strength

I’ve always prided myself on being strong.

When I hit my first 32kg kettlebell snatch I knew I could do more. When I deadlifted 295lbs for the first time I knew that one day I’d do more. When I finally got that 40kg turkish get up, I still wanted more.

I’m so thankful to get to work with this group of women at the gym so closely on their strength training. To see where they started with their training…then to see where they are today puts a huge smile on my face.

I’ve written about it before, I’ve mentioned it on the Urban Athlete website, I love it when the people I work with see what their potential is…the look on their face when they’ve done something they’ve never thought about doing (or only dreamed about doing before) it’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s empowering, and it puts a smile on my face. (I know, the second smile…that means I mean it!)

In fact, my good friend, Alicia, had an awesome training session just yesterday, and she did the best push ups I’ve seen her do, and she couldn’t believe how happy I was for her. It’s a milestone.

Watching people do things they never even thought about doing before is absolutely breathtaking.

Here’s a video (it’s a little long) of three different women on strength training programs, and their progress with the Turkish Get Up.

I’m proud of their efforts. Great work ladies!

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  1. I love it! I’m having such a good time doing this program and getting stronger.

  2. This is soo inspiring! I can’t wait to be just like these girls! I’m hoping to get my video to you by next week so I can start working on that 32k too!! You’re incredible Pam!!

  3. Awesome work ladies!!!!

  4. Great work ladies! 16 kg impressive! I’ve worked up to 16 lbs (not kgs) and think I might outgrow that soon:) Keep training!

  5. kelly alice. says:

    i love this and seeing strong women get stronger! excellent wor,k ladies. and congrats to pam on this awesome regimen and your support for these ladies. i often think the trainers should hear “good job” more often then the trainees! :)

  6. Great feedback to hear everyone! These ladies have followed the program to a T and I couldn’t be happier with their efforts and performance!

    This is no easy task…but they have an end goal in mind and will surely achieve it!!

    Loving every minute of it…

  7. Eric Burkett says:

    I applaud each girl for their effort and dedication. I’ve been in the resistance training game for over 36 years and I know one has to be “wired” a little differently in order to continue this type of training. Pam, I think you’re a fine coach and obviously a great motivator! You’ve accomplished quite alot for as young as you are and I sincerely hope you keep at it and maintain that passion I know you have. Way to go, girls!!

  8. Awesome job ladies.

  9. Keith Fine says:


  10. Fantastic – it’s SO cool to see other women putting up/moving under heavy KBs! I love it – I’ve been using a 16k for TGUs, but after watching this/them, I’m inspired to use a 20k tomorrow! Thanks for posting this video.

  11. I think you’re doing great work, Pamela! It’s quite inspiring to see the gains each of those clients have made. Kudos to you and your hard-working clients! The only constructive criticism I would have is to have each client slow the pace down just a bit and treat each segment of the TGU almost as an individual exercise in and of itself. It may require going down in weight, but could prevent injury down the road. Nonetheless, ALL of those women are quite impressive! In fact, many of my male clients wouldn’t even consider attempting a 28kg TGU!

  12. Thanks everyone. The progress has been impressive and only continues.

    Patrick, I appreciate the feedback. In their training they don’t always use as heavy a kettlebell, this was definitely a max effort attempt. I don’t “let” them do anything that would potentially put them in harms way. They don’t train this heavy every session, it’s something they are working they way up to.

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