What’s Next Jillian?

I suppose she’s actually really smart, or has hired someone who is really smart, since she now has a kettlebell training DVD on the market. Last I recall, her kettlebell training technique had a bit to be desired, at least as of last season.

This recent article in the LA Times has some humor that also makes a valid point. Does she really know what she’s doing or is she in it just for the money?

I even watched the season premiere of this year’s The Biggest Loser, and was completely beside myself as I saw one of the contestants pass out in an effort to secure a place on the show as one of Miss Michaels’ team members. Only to be followed with a preview of the next episode that shows Miss Michaels yelling at someone threatening to make them puke, or something of the like.

What are you thoughts on this, I’d like to hear?