Avoid Plateaus

The worst part of any exercise program is hitting a wall. Yes, that is far worse than a tough workout, or making yourself get up at 6am to workout.

Why do we hit walls?

There are several reasons we can hit a wall or start to plateau with our workouts. The biggest thing is to notice that you might start to plateau or that you have and make some changes right away. Here are two of the more common reasons.

1. Maybe you let your nutrition slip a little and it isn’t as good as it should be (or as good as it was when you did notice results.)

2. Maybe you’ve been doing to same workout over and over again and haven’t made a change so your body has actually gotten use to the workouts and it doesn’t respond with the same positive effects.

So what do you do??

1. Review your nutrition again. Make a log of what you eat over the course of 2-3 days. See if you are slipping up a little more than what you think you might be. Have your coach or trainer review your food log and ask them to make suggestions on what to change. (sidenote here, this may cost a little extra money for you to have someone review your food log and make some meal plan changes.)

2. Switch up your workouts. If you’re an avid endurance athlete add in some weight training (you need to do this regardless). If you’ve been following a weight training program, change the weight or alter the workouts slightly, so that you’re doing movements that are similar but not identical to what you’ve been doing. Switching the amount of weight you use could also help matters.

You may also notice that if you typically workout in the mornings, maybe you need to workout in the evenings every once in awhile. Keep in mind that you might also need an extended rest period where you’re mostly doing active recovery type of working out but where you take a short rest (4-7 days) of the give-it-all-you’ve-got type of workouts.