The Female Body Breakthrough

We all have role models that we look to for advice and guidance.

Most of us have several role models, and each one provides a different level of guidance as well as having a focus in different areas.

Rachel Cosgrove fits into this role for me in relation to fitness and women’s strength and conditioning.

Her new book, The Female Body Breakthrough, launches for the first time on Amazon today, and I have to say this is on the best investments based around real-life scenarios and case studies on how strength training for women is ideal for the perfect fitness solution.

You can order the The Female Body Breakthrough here.

If you order the book today Rachel is also giving away a bunch of free bonuses that you will find very beneficial to your training.

You will get a poster with The Fit Female Credo mailed to you along with Video Coaching with Rachel Cosgrove to get you started on your journey and after buying the book on the 12th Rachel will share her #1 Secret to get you started along with 5 Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset related E-books to give you even more support on your journey.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the book itself.

Chapter 1 lays out The Fit Female Credo which is a summary of what is to come in the book. The Fit Female Credo is the rules to live by to become a Fit Female.
The Fit Female Credo
1. Act as if you are a fit female.
2. Get out of your comfort zone.
3. Fuel your body to be Fabulous!
4. Train Hard or Go Home.
5. Get hooked on feeling fit, not a number on the scale.
6. Be an early riser.
7. Make Rest, Relaxation & Regeration a priority.
8. Obstacles will arise- anticipate them!
9. Keep a journal or a blog.
10. Eliminate the negative people known as crabs and surround yourself with positive people.
11. Think about your thoughts.
12. Attitude is Everything.
13. Manage your stress.
14. Put an end to body bashing and instead celebrate your strengths.
15. Don’t rely on will power. Have strategies.
16. Stop rationalizing and making excuses.
This book will inspire you, motivate you and give you real world tools to start using immediately to change your body or to change the body of someone you share it with. If you are in the fitness industry working as a trainer with females I can save you 15 years of research to figure out what works. With this book you’ll have tools you can use to get your female clients looking and feeling the way they want to feel.


The Female Body Breakthrough

What is The Female Body Breakthrough

If you agree or disagree with my training philosophies…

If you ever thought that only a select group of people believe women should strength train…

If you ever thought that most Women train cardio way too much…

Then, you have to check out why I think Rachel Cosgrove not only walks the walk, but also helps set mindsets, get over barriers, and understand the difficulties that most women go through when they start a strength training program.

Her new book, The Female Body Breakthrough, hits Amazon for the very first time tomorrow, Thursday, November 12th. You have to check this out.

Who is Rachel Cosgrove?
I am a female who grew up in a loving family that struggles with obesity and also loves food and I learned early in my life to use food in stressful times, good times and pretty much anytime. I also became active young when I started going to the gym with my dad and got involved in dance class. Dance was my first passion and after graduating with my degree in Physiology from USCB (because I always had a fascination with the human body) my passion for dance took me to New York City where I was on scholarship at a dance studio and following my dream of being a dancer on Broadway. Throughout this time I struggled with my body image, never having a “dancer’s body” and had an eating disorder and was always on a quest to look and feel like a “fit female.” A “fit female” is what I describe in my book as the girl who you see who is toned, fit and looks great wearing anything. She is confident and empowered. I have been on a quest to figure out how to look and feel like a fit female throughout my lifetime and I share this journey in my book along with my client’s journeys. I have figured out what works for myself and for my clients to be a fit female for life.

The Female Body Breakthrough is what I have landed on as what works after my own experience with my body, working with over a thousand women in our gym over the 10 years we have been open and documenting their workouts and using trial and error to figure out what equals the best results for them. Plus all of the seminars, books and conferences and experts in the industry who I have been lucky enough to learn from. All of this is compiled into what I have landed upon as the answer for females to make the breakthrough to achieve the body they want.

Check back tomorrow for that special order link that not only gets you access to this amazing book but also tons of extra gifts that are only available when you order tomorrow, November 12th.