MMA / Kickboxing for Women

I’ve been making a decent effort to get to 1-2 boxing and/or MMA-kickboxing classes a week in the past few months.  Prior to this, the only martial art I had really trained in was Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Since I was offering both of these other martial arts at the gym, I thought I’d take a few sessions/classes to see how I liked it.

Below is a video from a few months ago, out in California at Rigan Machado’s Academy where a friend of mine trains. This is at the end of an hour long conditioning session we did, tough stuff.

I love the workouts and it’s a good fit with my kettlebell training and jiu-jitsu training well.  Just last week I thought it’d be fun to spare with some gloves on for the first time.  All I can say is it’s very different to actually hit a moving body than it is to punch or kick a heavy bag.

More about my progress in the upcoming weeks.