Snow Day Workouts

With all the snow we are getting in Philadelphia, I get a little bit of cabin fever, so I wanted to share two workouts that I know I can quickly and easily do at home on the days that aren’t easy to get out of the house.

Give them a try and let me know how they work for you.

Workout One (no equipment needed)

In fact I did this one last night, all you need is a timer. Count how many reps of each exercise you do for each round. your goal is to stay consistent for each of the four rounds of the workout.

Push Ups
Speed Rows
Single Leg Reaches

Set a timer for a minute, complete each of the above exercises for a full minute, back to back, rest one minute at the end of the four minutes. Try to repeat the order for four full rounds. Remember your goal is to complete the same number of reps of each exercise during each round.

Workout Two (with equipment)

This one uses bodyweight exercises and kettlebells. In my basement I have a few kettlebells (you don’t need a lot of them) a pull up bar, and a pair of rock climbing grips.

5 Pull Ups
5/5 Kettlebell Clean and Press
15 Kettlebell Swings

Work consistently through the above 3 movements for 15-20 minutes. The best part about this workout…if you have multiple sizes of kettlebells you can switch which size you use from rounds to round. Your odd rounds can all be with lighter weight and your even rounds can be with a heavier weight.

Give these a try and let us know how you do in the comments section below.

Of course of you need a few extra minutes of work, you can always get in some shoveling 😉

Pressing Heavy Kettlebells

I’ve got an amazing profession!

I like to go to work.

I love when people see their own potential!

Elie started a strength training program about 7 weeks ago. I was testing her progress, and when you watch the video, you’ll see how easy her 20kg Kettlebell press is.

Then you have to see just how easy her 24kg Kettlebell press is on the right side. (I think she psyched herself out for the left, but…nonetheless I was beyond excited for her, as you’ll hear!)

Nice work Elie!! You’re almost at your goal.

The Evolution of Strength

I’ve always prided myself on being strong.

When I hit my first 32kg kettlebell snatch I knew I could do more. When I deadlifted 295lbs for the first time I knew that one day I’d do more. When I finally got that 40kg turkish get up, I still wanted more.

I’m so thankful to get to work with this group of women at the gym so closely on their strength training. To see where they started with their training…then to see where they are today puts a huge smile on my face.

I’ve written about it before, I’ve mentioned it on the Urban Athlete website, I love it when the people I work with see what their potential is…the look on their face when they’ve done something they’ve never thought about doing (or only dreamed about doing before) it’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s empowering, and it puts a smile on my face. (I know, the second smile…that means I mean it!)

In fact, my good friend, Alicia, had an awesome training session just yesterday, and she did the best push ups I’ve seen her do, and she couldn’t believe how happy I was for her. It’s a milestone.

Watching people do things they never even thought about doing before is absolutely breathtaking.

Here’s a video (it’s a little long) of three different women on strength training programs, and their progress with the Turkish Get Up.

I’m proud of their efforts. Great work ladies!

Switching It Up

When’s the last time you got really excited about a training program?

Once you really got excited, when’s the last time you actually got results?

And if you got results, when’s the last time you kept those results?

I’m not going to lie, training is hard. It takes time, it takes knowledge, it takes dedication and determination. It takes goals, and it takes adherence to those goals.

It is NOT a free-for-all.

I’ve tried many different training programs. I’ve seen various results.

I’ve only kept one training program for an extended period of time. That’s because I’ve only seen ongoing results with incorporating this type of training.

Kettlebell training really does have it’s advantages. Kettlebell training compliments many other types of training and programs. Kettlebell training is versatile, durable, portable, and effective.

It’s a perfect fit for everything I want to do, from jiu-jitsu and boxing to triathlons.

What’s your favorite training program or protocol? Do you incorporate kettlebell training?


November Challenge Workout

I can’t believe it’s November 10th! I’ve had your monthly challenge workout filmed for 8 days! I’ve got two versions for you. One is the regular, no frills attached workout and one is a modified version encase you are just starting out with your training.

This month we’re using kettlebell exercises and bodyweight exercises for the challenge workout.

Here’s Your November 2009 Challenge Workout…

It’s a ladder theme, so you’ll complete 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 reps of each exercise.

Kettlebell Snatches
Push Ups
One Arm Kettlebell Swings
Jumping Lunges

Here’s the modified version…

Again, it’s a ladder scheme of 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 reps of each exercise.

One Arm Kettlebell High Pulls
Modified Push Ups
Two Arm Kettlebell Swings
Alternating Reverse Lunges

Now, if you’re new to working out or even new to kettlebell training try only doing the ladder up to 10 reps and then add more reps during a later workout.

Tell me how the workouts were below.