Kettlebell Windmill Complex

I’ve been doing a lot of working out while on the west coast. Not sure if it’s the environment, seems like most people exercise here whenever they can. Regardless, I’ve been able to get in a few beach workouts, some traditional workouts, and some Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

This is a short little clip of a Kettlebell Complex combing the clean, press, and windmill together. These short quick workouts are great for the beach environment, or if you have a short amount of workout time available to you.

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

This is a great full body kettlebell workout. It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to do, so get this one in on a day when your time is short but you still want to do you workout.

Kettlebell Complex

Clean & Jerk
Front Squat
High Pull

Perform one rep of each exercise in the order listed above then switch to the other hand. So, one snatch, one windmill, one clean & jerk, one front squat, and one high pull equals one rep. Alternate sides, complete a total of 15 sets.

I got this done in 17:20 with a 24kg kettlebell last night.

Let me know how you do.