A Beautiful Mind and Body

It’s sometimes hard to separate the things that mentally distract us on a daily basis, especially when those things are the core of what we do and who we interact with each day.  How can we use those distractions to better our workouts, or should we block those distractions so we can have tunnel vision during our workouts.

Honestly, both options have worked for me when it comes to working out, more specifically during heavy lifting days.

We either have to channel all of the external and mental stimulus into what we want to achieve during our workouts each day, or we have put that behind us for a short time and focus on the task at hand.

Like I said I’ve used both with much success.  You might have a better outcome in your workouts if you do one over the other.  It depends on what type of person you are and how you handle and can use the things that are going on in your daily life.

You might be able to use how you feel about a certain situation

  • to stay more focused on your workout
  • to do one more interval of sprints
  • to lift a heavier weight
  • to take a little less rest

Whatever it is, a good workout can reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing from a certain situation.  It can also relieve tension, and perhaps make your workout more effective one some days.

Regardless we can’t lose sight of the fact that following a sensible exercise program consistently will improve our overall health in many ways.