Jillian Michaels, NBC, The Biggest Loser and now Losing It!

Losing It.

To be honest, I’m going to ‘Lose It’. 

The star studded fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels will now have the chance to ‘touch’ many more lives accross the country.

She just signed a deal with NBC to produce the new series, Losing It.

Michaels says she won’t be yelling at 10 year olds on this show. 

Well, I seriously hope not!

In fact yelling at people to workout harder and faster might not be the best motivating factor when trying to encourage a morbidly obese person to consider their health and lifestyle. 

Jillian Michaels will travel the country teaching people how to lose weight and lead healthier lifestlyes without having to go on the show, The Biggest Loser.

Will she also be teaching these obese people to do box jumps and bad kettlebell swings? 


Last I checked, plyometrics and ballistic movements weren’t the best for people caring around an extra 100lbs or more.

Michaels also states that on the show, Losing It, we’ll see different aspects of her personality, and the show itself will be more about the big picture not just about being skinny.

That’s awesome!

In other words, The Biggest Loser is narrow focused, and doesn’t really teach the contestants about healthier lifestyle options in regard to exercise and nutrition.

I’m so glad such a narrow focused show has captured the attention of so many. 

Technically, it would make sense for both shows, regardless of their mindlessness, to at least be on the same page on the topic of exercise and nutrition.

Instead, one’s just about being skinny at all costs, while the other is really going to change people’s lives.

I doubt it. 

You can read the story yourself here.