Switching It Up

When’s the last time you got really excited about a training program?

Once you really got excited, when’s the last time you actually got results?

And if you got results, when’s the last time you kept those results?

I’m not going to lie, training is hard. It takes time, it takes knowledge, it takes dedication and determination. It takes goals, and it takes adherence to those goals.

It is NOT a free-for-all.

I’ve tried many different training programs. I’ve seen various results.

I’ve only kept one training program for an extended period of time. That’s because I’ve only seen ongoing results with incorporating this type of training.

Kettlebell training really does have it’s advantages. Kettlebell training compliments many other types of training and programs. Kettlebell training is versatile, durable, portable, and effective.

It’s a perfect fit for everything I want to do, from jiu-jitsu and boxing to triathlons.

What’s your favorite training program or protocol? Do you incorporate kettlebell training?


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