Something About Strong

Over the past month and a half I’ve taken on writing some strength training programs for some of my clients, and I don’t mean the everyday I just want to get through life type of getting strong, but rather strength training programs where some of these women are well on their way to snatching half their bodyweight.

That’s impressive!

It’s also empowering.

Not to mention, it’s beautiful.

80lbs Turkish Get Up

80lbs Turkish Get Up

There’s something about being strong that makes you feel a certain sense of accomplishment…and pride.

The emotions and feelings attached with strength are almost speechless.

You know you’ve worked hard to get where you are. It’s a battle worth fighting for.

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  1. yes!!!

  2. Pamela –
    You embody strength and beauty – I admire you so!

  3. Holly!!! Thanks for the visit! And thank you for thinking so!

    Erica – I’m posting the 28kg video of yours soon!

  4. There’s nothing sexier and more feminine than a strong women! Keep it up!
    ~ Stacy

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