Sluggish Already, It’s The Humidity

I really feel like I pushed myself through today’s workout just because I had to. I really wanted to exert a little more effort. It probably all started when at the last minute I switched from box jumps to box hops because I didn’t want to re-injure my knee. My effort didn’t decrease at all throughout the workout, but it didn’t increase either.

6 – 1 minute rounds of…
Box Hops
24kg Kettlebell Snatches
Alternating Reverse Lunges
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Sit Ups

Consistantly got 30, 6L/R, 28, 15, 6, 15 respectively. 32 minutes, rest included.

BJJ tonight. No training all drills.

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  1. Good stuff Pam. I forget what you look like. You have really long black hair??…Right?

  2. Pamela MacElree says:

    I’ll post a video for you tomorrow. See you next week!

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