Running, For What?

I always try to find ways to motivate both myself and the people I work with. It’s easier to have a goal to train toward, than to randomly train. I encourage all of the people I work with as much as I can, and everyone requires just a little different spin.

It’s been over a year since I’ve been encouraging Susan to do multiple pull ups. In fact last January she accepted a challenge to perform six pull ups, once the testing time came along, she almost got three. A year later I was thinking what could possibly get this woman, totally and completely capable of doing pull ups, to accept another challenge and succeed. I agreed to run a race if Susan got 5 pull ups.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to run, unless as I have already professed, it is trail running where I can be as fast or slow as I please, and also enjoy my surroundings. The Broad Street Run, the race I agreed to run if Susan got her 5 pull ups, couldn’t me more opposite of the trails. It’s 10 miles of grueling pavement down Broad Street in Philadelphia. Yuck, boring, blah, and did I mention pavement?

Susan got her 5 pull ups this afternoon, with ease, in fact I’m sure she could have done at least one more. My first was response was joyful, I was very pleased and also happy that she got them! Who wouldn’t be, it’s a testament to the training we do. My next repsonse was “Oh shit!” 10 miles on pavement surrounded by a huge number of people running over me! This is not my idea of a fun, let alone relaxing Sunday morning.

I have two and a half weeks. And while all smart sources would tell me to fold, I plan to live up to my end of the deal and hopefully survive.

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  1. Wow! I hate to run on streets as much as you. I’m a lover of the trail runs as well. Good luck! Your a more dedicated women than me!

  2. Pamela MacElree says:

    Thanks Jen, part of me wouldn’t mind bailing, however I feel like that isn’t an option. We were out on the trails today for 5 miles and it seemed a little harder than usual. I’m hoping my back won’t start to tense up as it has been, but I’ll just have to see what happens.

  3. Franklin B. Herman says:

    Unless, you are accustomed to this kind of mileage, I would be concerned due to the lack of training for this distance.

    Perhaps a renegotiation for a later race might be possible to allow for sufficient training?

  4. Pamela MacElree says:

    I’m good for about 5-7 miles of trails with a combination of running and walking, so I’m thinking this will work.

    Heading out for a long flat run this weekend, about 6-8, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday, given this cold goes away, otherwise I might have to renegotiate due to illness.

  5. Franklin B. Herman says:

    Since you’ve completed a 7 miler and you recover from your cold, then I agree, you’ll be fine.

    Looking forward to seeing your next amazing TGU PR!

  6. SusanHurrey says:

    Renegotiate my ass!!!! ;)

  7. Franklin, I’ve been out running with Pam a couple times along the trails and know she is more than capable of handling Broad Street. And as a testament to my confidence in her, I promised her pancakes after she crosses the finish line.

    And out of sheer curiosity, what kind of KB training do you do? Are you associated with a CF affiliate?

  8. Franklin B. Herman says:

    Hi Susannah, I’m glad you are confident Pamela has the necessary training to endure a 10 miler. Having done a large number of long runs, I know solid preparation is necessary but not alway sufficient in staving off unnecessary injuries.

    First of all, I would like apologize to Pamela for hijacking a portion of this thread.

    A case in point with my own training incident occurred while training for the Boston Marathon with the Central Massachusetts Striders during the winter of 1988. At the time I was running a 1/2 marathon a week as my long run and decided to partake in a 10 miler workout through the hilly sections of Worcester.

    At mile 6 I felt some discomfort in my left hip but finished out the workout. When the endorphins wore off I found myself in excruciating pain as I had torn my piriformis. A very slow rehabilitation got me walking without pain in a year and I have never participated in long distance running since.

    Only recently have I discovered the amazing benefits of Kettlebell training. Specifically, I have been training RKC hard-style since last Sep and have made large gains. My primary trainer is Andrew Bender, RKC and has been instrumental in designing a program specific for my history. My long term goals are to be competitive in a future Master’s division of the Tactical Strength Challenge and to pass a future RKC Certification.

    Detailed training information is available on my training blog:

    Best of luck to yourself and to Pamela on safe fun run!

  9. Pamela MacElree says:

    Such high expectations! Oh well. Franklin, I wouldn’t consider this run to be fun, but… Sorry to hear about your injuries. After this I will probably never do a run this long or one longer as well, much to the dismay of our long distance runners.

    I do admit that during this morning’s run I was trying to negoiate a 1-2 mile fireman’s carry in place of the Broad Street, but Susan wouldn’t have it. Susannah was on my side.

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