Total Body Breakthrough

I’m excited about this, check it out… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pamela MacElree, Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Release New Book “Total Body Breakthroughs” Pamela MacElree, strength and conditioning coach and fitness expert, has recently signed a publishing deal with marketing and business book publisher, CelebrityPress, along with other fitness experts, […]

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Tick…Tock…What Are You Waiting For?

Time To Workout

When’s the last time you had a really good workout? How many times have you put your workout off to do something else? How often have you heard someone say (or maybe you’ve said it yourself) that they have to ‘get-in-shape’ before they can do a certain workout regimen? Truth is, finding time to workout […]

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MMA / Kickboxing for Women

I’ve been making a decent effort to get to 1-2 boxing and/or MMA-kickboxing classes a week in the past few months.  Prior to this, the only martial art I had really trained in was Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Since I was offering both of these other martial arts at the gym, I thought I’d take a few […]

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Hand Care 101 – Good Bye (My Love) Calluses


I posted on hand care a few months ago, and a good friend of mine, Jen Sinkler, who is also the editor of Experience Life Magazine just asked me for some of my top pointers on how to maintain these unsightly creatures that are a free by product of weight training, so I thought I’d […]

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Kettlebell Training for Legs and Glutes

Training with Kettlebells is one of my favorite types of workouts. I’ve even been known to take one or two on vacation with me, all the way from Long Island, to the East Coast of Florida, to Mexico. The thing is a kettlebell is pretty easy to transport if you’re willing to get it from […]

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