No Kettlebell, No Problem, Dumbbell Swings

I love having kettlebell swings in my workouts.  It’s a great explosive exercise that gets your heart rate going.  When you pair kettlebell swings up with bodyweight exercises such as push up and/or pull ups you walk away with a nice full body workout that doesn’t take much time.

If you don’t have access to a kettlebell you can still do swings with a dumbbell.  The grip is slightly different but the movement patterns remain the same.  This is my preferred way of doing dumbbell swings, so when you’re limited on equipment try this out.

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  1. Ion Freeman says:

    So, I’m as pro-branding as the next guy, but almost everything you were talking about was around your ankles, and everything below your knees was covered in text. I’m just saying. It was had to see how you picked the ‘hex head’ dumb bell up.

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