Kettlebell Training for Legs and Glutes

Training with Kettlebells is one of my favorite types of workouts. I’ve even been known to take one or two on vacation with me, all the way from Long Island, to the East Coast of Florida, to Mexico. The thing is a kettlebell is pretty easy to transport if you’re willing to get it from point A to point B.

The other reason is it’s really effective full body training tool, and although I like rely on bodyweight training to make my life a little easier when it comes to travel, nothing beats my 3 favorite kettlebell exercises for stronger, great looking legs and glutes.

That alone is reason enough.

Check out the video below that shows my 3 favorite kettlebell exercises for your legs and glutes.

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  1. Hi Pamela

    I have been kettlebell training for a 18 months now using 8kg, 16kg and occasionally 24kg for dead lifts. I agree with you regarding the one leg dead lifts and their benefits, not only in the strength it gives but also how you learn to stabilize yourself. I am a devout fan of swings and their importance and also realize the immense value of the squat – simple but done with accuracy these moves result in a feeling of strong resilience and tolerance to many things in life – Go Girls !!

  2. Dave Macfarlane says:

    Great blog Pam, I just finished going through the kettlebells kaos series that you and Jason did and now I have started doing resistance band training interval circuit.

  3. Thanks Pam! Yes, those three are probably the most effective exercises for glutes, hams, and quads. I’ve done them all many, many times. Though I still use kettlebells once or twice a week, I recently began incorporating some high intensity work with nautilus and cybex machines. If you’ve never tried it and think you might like to, get ready to hurt! It’s very intense, but brief and infrequent.

    Thanks again for the video and the exercise tips! I always enjoy hearing from you! Write again soon!! Take care and stay strong!


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