JDRF Walk 2009 -Thank You

Yesterday was a really great day for me.  I spent the entire day, from 7am to 7pm with friends and family.  Some I saw all day, others came and went as their schedule allowed, but nonetheless it was a really great day.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, a big deal to lots of folks, but more just another birthday to me, with the exception of everyone make a big deal out of it for me!  Thanks!  I had a blast, I really did, and it touched my heart that most everyone was able to make it, and that the day just kept going and going.

The biggest part about yesterday was the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walk.  It’s just a short 3 mile walk that occurs every year, but I’ve participated in it almost every year for 20 years!  JDRF is one of my top charities, and one I’ll always encourage the support of.  Every year as an adult I have listened to their opening speech, when most people are talking, and every year I get a little teary-eyed with the hope that the following year we won’t need to have another walk.  This year wasn’t the year, but I’ll still pull for next.

The past few years I’ve had groups of friends and family do the walk with me, and it’s made it that much more meaningful.  Thanks for all who were able to make it this year.  And to those who couldn’t, I was thinking of you.

Thank you.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk 2009

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk 2009

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