Homemade Sleds

Adding sled work into workouts has two benefits.  First, the workouts, although hard are tons of fun!  Second, using them the right way has a great carry over to athletic development.

In order for me to incorporate exercises into my group training sessions I need to be able to put 3-5 people on one station at a time, which means I need to have 3-5 pieces of equipment available for the exercises that require equipment.  Sleds can be expensive but can easily be made from some old tires, a little bit of wood, and some hardware.

I looked into a few designs that other people had already put together.  To be honest, although function is my highest priority, I’m also interested in how things look in my gym.

Each homemade tire sled requires:

  • 1 truck size tire
  • 2 pieces of cut 2 x 4s that fit the diameter of the tire
  • 1 eye bolt
  • 4 -3 inch bolts
  • 10 Washers
  • 5 Lock Washers
  • 5 Hex Nuts
  • 9 Wood Screws
  • 1 Flushing 1 1/4 inch
  • 1 – 10inch Nipple 1 1/4 inch
  • 24 feet braided rope

The diameter of the hardware that was used is 3/8.

Below are some of the photos that show how the tire sleds were made.

Most of the hardware that is needed, check the list above.

The set up for the eye bolt that either rope or webbing will go through to use as the moving component of the equipment.

Measure the 2 x 4s for almost the entire length of the diameter of the tire.

To keep the 2 x 4s flat notch out the wood in the centers.

Use wood crews to secure the 2 x 4s together.

Use 3 bolts, washers, lock washers and hex nuts at the end of each 2 x 4 to secure the 2 x 4s to the tire.

Use wood screws to secure the flushing in the center, attach pipe or nipple to the flushing to add weight plates for use.

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  1. Hey Pam,

    We did the same thing, for the same reason. We added an eye bolt at each “corner”, and now we can use it for a sled or a multi person band training station or an anchor for ropes.

    I love tires!

  2. Hey BJ – That sounds awesome, I might have to make that addition next. Nice work!

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