Hand Care 101 – Good Bye (My Love) Calluses

I posted on hand care a few months ago, and a good friend of mine, Jen Sinkler, who is also the editor of Experience Life Magazine just asked me for some of my top pointers on how to maintain these unsightly creatures that are a free by product of weight training, so I thought I’d run through the list again.

First and foremost the biggest reason why you want to maintain your calluses is so they do not rip or break during a workout, leaving you unable to workout to your fullest capabilities for several days, sometimes as long as a week!

The second is cosmetic, most of us don’t want to walk around with burly hands that others would be afraid to shake hands with.

The best protocol for maintaining smooth hands, that will still function well during a weight lifting workout, on a weekly basis is:

  • Buy an all natural porous pumice stone, not one with very tiny pores that are all symmetrical.  Twice a week at the end of your shower, use the pumice stone to get rid of large excess patches.
  • Buy a large emory board (non metal nail file).  Two to three times a week, whenever it is convenient file the callus patches gently.
  • Buy a good quality moisturizer.  Shea butter and Cocoa butter work the best.  Apply at night before going to bed.

The less perfect it looks, the better it’ll work.

This regimen is fast, easy, and inexpensive.  Best of all your calluses won’t rip when you’re working out, and you won’t have to dread shaking hands anymore.

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