Grappler’s Quest

I can honestly say that I am very pleased with my performance today! The divisions were looking a little thin, so they did some combining and made sure we all got in a few matches (thank you Karen!)

Women’s White Belt 160lbs +

First Match went pretty well, I got a good single leg and stayed strong on top for most of the match. Thought I had an Americana on really well that turned into some kind of chaos, but she held out til the end. I won on points.
Second Match also went well. This girl was a little more rough than the first, got another single leg. I won on points.

Women’s Absolute (Purple, Brown, and Black)

First Match was against a purple belt. She pulled guard at the very beginning, She had my one arm really good and it was difficult to get out of. The first 3 minutes was a good fight. I slipped out of an armbar and triangle. No points only 3 advantages to her. Just past 3minutes I tapped to a wicked armbar.
Second Match for third place. Takedown was a little sloppy. Kept cross body and the mount for most of the match, earned atleast 16 points, but won with a collar choke from the guard.

Driving over to New Jersey this morning I felt like crap, and didn’t even want to compete. Not really sure what happened, but got a little warm up in and everything kind of fell into place on the mat. I wasn’t too tired during any of the matches. I’m glad I stepped up to the more advanced absolute division. A lot of people really seemed to be looking out for us today.

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  1. Mark Reifkind says:

    well done Pamela, you are such an impressive athlete! Congrats.

  2. Pamela MacElree says:

    Thanks Rif! Training for these two tournaments put the 24kg KB snatches a little behind schedule, but still on schedule!

    Resting up this week and will pick things back up next!

  3. Mark Reifkind says:

    cool can’t wait to some new video.

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