Blue Belt Promotion

Noah did some promotions on Tuesday night. John (Johnnie FootLock) and I were promoted to Blue Belt. Jason and John were promoted to 1st degree Blue Belts. Beau was promoted to 4th degree White Belt, and Dante was promoted to 4th degree Yellow Belt. Buiu was in from Florida for the weekend. It was great to have him there. The Balance girls came out for the night too.

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  1. Mark Reifkind says:

    woo hoo! congrats to both of you. you guys are such stellar athletes coaches. way to lead from the front. well done.

  2. Pamela MacElree says:

    Thanks Rif! I am still very excited about it. Just need to break in the newness of the belt. ;)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Mark Reifkind says:

    you guys are doing such good work with your classes and teaching and keeping the fire going with your own training on multiple levels. very impressive.I’m sure the belt will get plenty of breaking in time,lol.
    andyes T day was good. quiet, jsut the way I like it :))

  4. Congrats guys!

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