BJJ Conditioning Begins

It’s about that time again.

I’ve decided to compete again. I spent some time with my friend Buiu in Miami this weekend, and the space he has created for people to train in is absolutely amazing (I’ll post photos soon) but after contemplating the tournament prior to my visit, my visit solidified that I wanted to get back at it.

It’s funny, you know. You train so hard for something…then you let it wither away.


If you remember, this all started with training hard for something.

Life isn’t easy, and we aren’t all blessed with an abundance of extra time, but when we are, we should use it to make ourselves better.

We should train, so we last a day longer.

We should not only strengthen our bodies…but our minds…the visualization of achieving what you desire.

Here’s a brief clip from my first session back, of straight conditioning, under someone’s coaching (Thanks JCB!)

I’ve got roughly 5-6 weeks depending on how you play it…

I’m excited.

I’m devoted.

I’m just gonna do it!

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