Big Girls Don’t Cry…

Frankie Vallie sang it first…  So why don’t big girls cry?

Well they do, they cry a lot, I can attest to that, BUT not in the gym, not during a workout.

Training is hard, it takes effort, dedication, guts, a mental game, and strength.

Effort: It’s what you put in to it.  Little effort in, little results out.  Lots of effort in, lots of results out.

Dedication: You’re not going to reach your goals overnight.  You’re not going to reach goals going at it half-assed. You have to put in the work.

Guts: There’s only glory once the goals are reached.  In the meantime, you’ve got to work hard.  You’ve got to see past the temporary pain you’re in and into the future.  You’ve got to visualize reaching your goals.  You’ve got to get past the discomfort, if it was easy, we’d all do it.

Mental Game: More than half of those failed reps are in your head.  You psych yourself out from doing them.  That next pull up is there.  The higher box jump, it’s there.  Ten more pounds on your deadlift, it’s there.  Again, visualize it.

Strength: Every ounce of strength, psychical…emotional… Dig deep, find what drives you, stick to it, even when it’s hard.  Be strong.  Find it in your heart, believe it in your mind.

After all, big girls don’t cry…at least not in the gym.

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  1. Actually….

    I have cried. In the gym. I was doing a clean and jerk, lost my focus during the jerk, didn’t get my chin out of the way fast enough and drove the bar up through my chin. I bit my lip and tongue.
    I cried for a little bit. then I got back in there an finished. It took me forever to do it, but I got it done.

  2. Angela, that sounds like it hurt!

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