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Although I am co-owner of a gym in Philadelphia, and I want people to come to my gym to workout, it mystifies me that so many folks think you need a gym to workout. The reality is you can get many places and achieve many goals just by having one of these…

Combine kettlebell training with bodyweight training and you have plenty of workouts at your fingertips. You can train outside, in your garage, at the park, at the beach, on your lunch break, on vacation, or practically anywhere for that matter.

The kettlebell provides a portable training system, that’s easy to store, and in the larger scheme of things costs practically nothing after the initial investment. So if you can’t make it everyday to the gym, there’s always time to do a quick twenty minute workout that involves you and your kettlebell.

Here’s one just for fun…

20 Swings
20 Push Ups
10 Front Squats

5 Rounds

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  1. You’re absolutely right, and this might be me if I move. Don’t be surprised if I try to keep you on as a consultant from afar to make up workouts for me!

  2. Pamela MacElree says:

    I’ve been known to consult before.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I was just walking by the beach this evening and realized, if you grab a kettlebell, a set of dumbbells and a watch, you’re good to go. Plus working out in the sand might give an added twist to things and be softer on the joints/knees.

  4. Pamela MacElree says:

    Training in the sand is fun Susannah!! Give it a try and let me know what you think?

  5. I really want to buy a kettlebell or two and start training on the beach. Are my only options either online or at Target?

  6. Pamela MacElree says:

    Sometimes Dicks has them as well. I would buy online. It’s an invest up front but you’ll have them forever and ever. Let me know if you need to know sizes and places to buy.

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