A Different Kind of Strong

I’m not going to talk about physical strength today. A little off topic.

Mental and emotional strength are equally important in an entirely different regard. They effect our physical strength, they are responsible for our actions, they inhibit and expand our viewpoints, and they contribute to who we are.

Pretty significant.

Events of the past often affect us at times when we least expect it. Tonight was one of those nights for me.

There are times when we need to channel all of our strengths to get us through a moment in time, a situation, a conflict… Sometimes we let ourselves down and other times we far exceed our own expectations.

Too often we second guess ourselves…believe we could have done something better or different. The truth is, there’s always going to be a “What if” scenario, but you can’t old on to them. You can’t write your life in that thought pattern.

Be conscious of the actions you do take. Accept responsibility.

Regardless of what you do, make it count. Be strong.

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