32kg Kettlebell Snatches

I love accepting new challenges, it keeps my training interesting and gives me something to strive for.

Lately, at the gym I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a group of girls who are really interested in strength training, and I have seen them make amazing progress.

It isn’t just gifted to them, they work really hard for it.

They know they work hard.

They also suffer some disappointment and frustration, as we all have.

It’s almost self reflective to watch them train each week, to see how excited they get with their progress. To see how encouraging and supportive they are of each other. To see the frustration from a bad lift.

I’ve been through all of it, just as they are going through it.

They’ve become an inspiration to me. Each day I work with them, I want to train with them. As much as I enjoy being their coach, I also appreciate their efforts and want them to see me succeed and even fail.

So I set up some challenges to conquer myself. With their support and drive, I know I’ll succeed.

So for now my goal is 20/20 kettlebell snatches with the 32kg.


Attainable…No Doubt.

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  1. Great job Pam. I love showing your vids to my female clients :) Keep it up

  2. kelly alice. says:

    so awesome, pam! i love seeing you boss the kettlebell around!!!


  3. Great work!

  4. Keep passing the videos around Dale, I hope they like.

    Thanks Kelly and La Saun!!

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