I don’t want to workout!

I don’t want to workout. Temper tantrum and pouty face. That’s how I felt yesterday. Initially I was amped up to do my workout with my workout partner, but then some things changed in the hours leading up to our scheduled workout time.  By the time he arrived I was already feeling less like it but still tried to push on.

About 4 minutes in, I didn’t have it in me anymore.  No amount of encouragement was going to get me to finish the next 3 and a half rounds.  Not even $1,000…well maybe a $1,000 but I was discouraged.

Rather than bag it entirely I rallied from a different angle.  I scrapped the original workout and decided I would just do 15 reps of a random exercise that I liked.  It didn’t have to make sense.  I wasn’t lifting a thousand pounds.  I just did 15 reps of any exercise that came to my mind as I was finishing the reps of the exercise I was on.


The workout that won



For all the exercise phys folks out there, I know you can’t do this all the time and wouldn’t encourage it but it did make the next 30 minutes fly by and set me up for a productive workout when I initially thought all momentum was lost.  What I thought was going to be a miserable wash ended up being a just what I needed workout.

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