Time…We Always Want More Time

Time…We Always Want More Time

The truth is we have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year and every fourth year we get an extra day. That hasn’t changed for any of us and it’s very unlikely to change moving forward for any of us.

We need 7-8 hours of sleep.

We work 8 hours a day.

That leaves us with 8-9 hours a day to eat, shower, commute, communicate, exercise, relax, do chores, take care of the kids/pets/spouses, and the list goes on…

I just read an article that was published around the first of the year, during the infamous New Year’s resolution time of year, that the #1 thing people were looking to improve upon or change in 2014 was to exercise more.

What the article didn’t say was if the folks who took the survey were already exercising consistently, if the survey was answered by people who needed to start an exercise program, or if it was a combination of the two. I’m going to make the assumption, although I know I shouldn’t do such a thing, that we have a combination of people taking this survey.

There's never been a better day

So, bravo to those of you who know you need to start exercising, and congrats to those of you who think you should add a day or two to the mix.

Here’s my question, on this beautiful 16th day of June…Have you started?

My follow up question…Have you kept up with it?

If you didn’t start and if you didn’t keep up with the new plan, why?

Let’s assume it was a lack of time. To that I suggest, you start today, not tomorrow, but today and add just 10 minutes of activity or exercise to your day. Add these 10 minute blocks 3-4 times a week. Next week, add in 12 minute blocks, then 15 minute blocks.

Two factors are huge here, one is scheduling, making the time and keeping that time dedicated to exercise or activity. Starting today, this is an appointment in your calendar that you can never reschedule unless there is a catastrophic event.

The second factor is not over-doing it, just like a marathon running program, you start with short distances and less time and add miles and time as the weeks go on. Approach exercise in the same manner, start with a small amount of time like 10 minutes a day and workout your way up to 30-45 minutes a day of exercise over several weeks.

A journey of a thousand miles

By doing just these two things you’ll set yourself up for success. You’ll realize that 10 minutes is nothing, you probably take longer showers than that, and then you’ll see that a 30-45 minute workout is quick and you’ll feel better when you are finished.

Also by starting light and adding as you go along you won’t feel like you are trying to achieve the impossible. A short workout is a great start, just like you would expect yourself to be able to walk before you can run. Conquer small goals to achieve the big ones.

You can apply these two steps to anything you want to achieve, not just exercise.

If you haven’t already, start today!

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