Why Strength?

Why Strength?

Nine years ago, the market on strength training for women wasn’t quite touched. There was a smaller group of women, from Strong Man to Powerlifting to CrossFit to the average Fitness Enthusiast who could/would do a reasonable percentage of what men could do in the gym.

We were admired.

We were ridiculed.

Almost, in overnight status, the small admiration of the idea and application of strength training for women went from mildly valued (with an awe factor) to mainstream. To be honest, I couldn’t be happier to hear multiple times throughout each day and week, from the voices of other women, that they wanted to be stronger.

It’s what I’ve believed for the past 12 or more years, although notably didn’t realize it’s extreme importance until about 8-9 years ago.

What we do today effects the young women and girls who follow behind us, as well as the young men and boys who are raised noting the similarities and differences between strength and weakness, women and men. Our strength not only comes from that 2x bodyweight deadlift and the 40kg Turkish get up but from the mental capacity that’s required to get us there physically.

Woman Front Squat

Back to the question, why strength?

Why not?

There’s a dogma to being a strong female, isn’t there? It first started with the back handed complement of being a beast. Then beast changed to an actual perceived compliment, to now within the vast circle of strong women, beast-mode is thrown around on equal playing fields as it is for men.

Man and woman training on gymnasium rooftop

There are also traits like dominance, appearance, skepticism, and an array of other positive and negative terms.

There are old YouTube videos I had posted, doing heavier lifts for the time, and they were often followed with negative comments of being some sort of pig, or manly, in nature and appearance anything but complimentary. Why the hate? Why the annoyance and disgust that I, or the girl next you you, might be stronger than you, regardless of what I or she looks like?


We all have our own reasons for wanting to claim and exhibit our physical strength, they don’t even need to be mentioned in my opinion, but they exist and they are real.

They inspire.

They support.

They validate.

They prove.

They recognize.

They challenge.

The reasons just are…about being a strong individual and that it’s possible and achievable.

Vältränad kvinna gör pull-ups på gym

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