Kettlebells, T1D, Strength, Injuries and Balance

There’s a lot going on in that title, let me expand on it for you a little bit…

-Kettlebell training

-Living a healthy lifestyle with type 1 diabetes

-Strength training for women

-Working around injuries

-Acquiring balance

Seems like a wide variety of topics, I know! These are the topics I answered questions on for a podcast on High Performance Living Online hosted by Damon Moschetto.

If you have a few minutes to take a listen, I’d really appreciate it and stick around for the end, that’s where it all comes together.

Take-away from the Oscars

There were a lot of great moments at the Oscars last night. It was funny. Most of the attire was gorgeous. Great speeches were made. One speech left me with some thoughts I’d like to carry over to you. In a way it helps identify your strengths or at least what might help drive them. [...]

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Kettlebell Complexes and Bodyweight Workouts

Despite what the masses might believe, kettlebells are not my only training tool. I do however, tend to gravitate toward them over dumbbells especially when doing complexes. I find the ease in transition from one exercise to the next has more fluidity with kettlebells than with dumbbells. I also prefer to use kettlebells when doing [...]

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The Kettlebell Swing, An Essay

Good Morning Stretch Bottom Position

The kettlebell swing is a relatively easy exercise to perform, the difficult part is picking up the lower body movement pattern that isn’t often found in other exercises, aside from other kettlebell exercises. That being said once you master the kettlebell swing, most specifically the hip hinge, you’ll more easily be able to pick up [...]

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Strong Like Pink

(photo from

If you watched The Grammy’s on Sunday night and saw all of the performances you got to see Pink put on another amazing show. Last year (I’m pretty sure it was last year, anyway) she did a pretty fantastic job of twirling around in the air, more or less doing a circus performance. This year [...]

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