Sleds and Rope Climbs

Workouts need to be fun.  Workouts need to be different.  Exercise need to be exciting.  Workouts need to be effective.

If workouts were anything but this why would we even bother to workout, if it was always boring, always the same thing, and never produced results? We wouldn’t.

Here’s a quick little workout that I did this weekend.  The goal was to have fun, and get in and out of the gym fast.

Goal accomplished.

I realize some of this equipment is not available to everyone, so if you still want to do the workout and are in a traditional gym setting, simply sub cable rows for the sled pulls, and pull ups for the rope climb.

Homemade Sleds

Adding sled work into workouts has two benefits.  First, the workouts, although hard are tons of fun!  Second, using them the right way has a great carry over to athletic development. In order for me to incorporate exercises into my group training sessions I need to be able to put 3-5 people on one station […]

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Big Girls Don’t Cry…

Frankie Vallie sang it first…  So why don’t big girls cry? Well they do, they cry a lot, I can attest to that, BUT not in the gym, not during a workout. Training is hard, it takes effort, dedication, guts, a mental game, and strength. Effort: It’s what you put in to it.  Little effort […]

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The Perfect Combination for Weight Loss

Many of us think that if we just eat right we’ll lose weight. Many of think that if we just exercise we’ll lose weight. There is some truth to all that.  If you eat pizza and cheeseburgers everyday then start eating salads, you’ll see a change in your weight.  If you’ve never exercised a day […]

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Dumbbell Swings – Part 2

Last week I showed you my preferred way to do dumbbell swings so that you could still incorporate the swing into your training program even if you didn’t have access to a kettlebell. There was some confusion as to what my preferred grip on the dumbbell is, so I added a little more detailed video. […]

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