Workout of the Week – Wednesday

Every Wednesday I’ll share some of my favorite workouts with you. So get ready to start collecting an arsenal of great strength training workouts to add in to your regular routine!

Complete 5 sets of:

a – 3/3 Turkish get ups
b – 12 push Ups
c – 24 kettlebell swings

Here are some old videos, but still good ones ;-) to break down the Turkish get up and the kettle bell swing.

Turkish get up

Kettlebell swing

Interview with Kori Bliffert

Making time for exercise

I’ve known Kori for about 8 years, maybe a little more. Our paths first crossed at an RKC weekend in St. Paul Minnesota. Kori has been nice enough to share some of her training experience with us, both pre and post baby. She’s had a pretty amazing transformation in the past year as well, she [...]

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Time…We Always Want More Time

A journey of a thousand miles

Time…We Always Want More Time The truth is we have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year and every fourth year we get an extra day. That hasn’t changed for any of us and it’s very unlikely to change moving forward for any of us. We need [...]

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When did you first know?

When did you first know you were strong or could become strong? You know I always talk about strength having different meanings, usually the physical and the mental are my top two strength dividers. Do you know when you first knew you were strong? You might not have known it at the time and as [...]

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Success…Health, Fitness, Mind & Body

It is my opinion that most of us want to feel successful as we strive for better health and fitness. A clear and thought-provoking mind with a strong body can only set us up for success, right? The question though is, how do we get there? Hopefully by now it is understood that there is [...]

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